"NEXT to me"


  • All the time
  • At interval
  • On request

“NEXT to me”: App Access

1. Login

  • Anonymus Login
  • Identified profile
  • Simple tool for measurement

2. Main panel

  • One click to read immediate sensor value
  • Two clicks to see the detailed application
  • Bluetooth® automatic connection

“NEXT to me”: Spot’in & Setting

  1. POI (Point Of Interest)
  2. Post
  3. Sharing on Aroma social or other social networks
  4. Home "Main panel"
  5. POI and Post
  6. Map
  7. Settings
  8. Units settings
  9. Interval measurement setting
  10. Data recording and sending to the cloud when reaching WiFi area to save communication traffic
  11. Range measurement setting
  12. Show tutorial
  13. Show GPS locations

If you don't have “NEXT to me” device

  • Dowload the App
  • Login and click on spot'in to create geolocalized point of interest (POI), Augmented reality messages , Photos, Videos
  • Acces to the consolidated data
  • Receive-Send peer to peer messaages including proximity information

Aroma Ecosystem

  • Real time data gathered and processed on demand to fullfill all users requests with minimum effort
  • With mobile devices becoming ubiquotous, the time is mature to bring sensors' data out of the close-loop
    network into the center of people daily life