Air quality

Carbon Monoxide scale of tolerability

Air quality (CO)

Carbon Monoxide Alert

Protect yourself from the “Silent Killer” both in Indoor & Outdoor

Air quality (CO)

Urban map

Simplified screen shot of map showing carbon monoxide level detected in mobility, real-time and location.

IR body temperature

Vital sign

Seldom we measure body temperature while sleeping or in mobility, “NEXT to me” closes this gap and we create a real time health map

Object temperature

Contactless object temperature's advantages

  • Moving and inaccesible objects
  • Electrically active objects
  • Control contamination risck

Alcohol test

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

Ultra Violet

Ultra violet Index

Umidity   Ambient   Light intensity

The intelligent combination of the 3 sensors at home or other locations will secure:

- Correct heating distribution
- Correct light intensity based on rooms use requirements
- Correct food quality storage both inside and outside the fridge
All Providing personal comfort and energy saving.

Altitude   Pressure

Leasure with safety

We like to share our emotions enriched by the environmental reality, “NEXT to me” is also a safety alert for your kids, pregnant wife and elderly parents