NEXT “to me”: Layout

Powerfull risc CPU, modular hardware and software architecture allows upward and downward sensor compatibility and up-gradability

Multicolor LED to display quick Air quality level


The uniquness of having multiple sensors in a single device gives to consumer a more complete understanding of the environments.


Industrial technology makes the device ready for a very large spectrum of professional requirements and applications.

Product exploded view


  1. Sapphire glass
  2. IML (in mould labelling)
  3. IML (in mould labelling)
  4. Insert moulding magnet
  5. Anodized alluminium

Production process

  • Few parts and no screws for low cost manufacturing
  • In mould labelling injection for easy customization, antiscatch

Technology highlights

Low power energy

Highly custom firmware allows 1 month of battery life and 2 weeks in operational mode (Interval measurement of 15 min. with 3 sensors)

Hardware key parts

  • Bluetooth: BT 4.0 BLE
  • Batt: 3.7V 325 mAh
  • CPU: Low Power Risc CPU
  • Weight: 26 gr
  • HW reset: Yes
  • I/O: Micro USB

Carbon monoxide sensor benchmark

“NEXT to me” uses 3 high quality electrode chemical sensors, state of the art nanomaterial and manufacturing technology to make the sensor smaller and less expensive

The scalability of our sensors make them “THE FACTO” programmable and therefore able, in the near future, to measure several gases and monitor respiration quality. Breath diseases will be at the 3rd place of worldwide death in the year 2020

Carbon monoxide is the “core” of air quality

Why Carbon Monoxide

• Colorless, odorless, tasteless gas "silent killer"
• Cause: incomplete combustion of carbon based fuels
• Source: transportation sector, heating units

Relationship between Pm2.5 and Co

Given the complexity fot the Pm2.5 measurement, often it is determinated with the monitoring of carbon monoxide which has a strong relationship between the two.