Company Overview

Aroma Technology is a US based Joint-Venture with activities in US and Italy, the Company is vertically integrated, develops and produces sensors, sensor systems, software, final product up to cloud infrastructure.

Business Description

An Eco-system, patent approval, which integrates programmable sensors and BlueTooth in a wearable miniaturized, low-cost product , coupled to the smartphone that allows you to monitor air quality and many other surveys aimed at improving the well-being and personal comfort revolutionizing the way in which pollution and lifestyle are studied and improved. The platform allows the user to share data within the all Social Networks.

Objectives and Targets

The transformation of citizens in constant motion detectors of environmental quality will power a "network infrastructure Cloud" and the mass of the sensibility’s data collected will become the basis of a very effective programming choices of lifestyle and urban-management of the city. The "Viral" effect with other social media will increase the "data base" that will become the vehicle for business and social communications, actually a well-being democratization instrument

Expected Results

Increase public awareness to care for the environment as eco-system for the health, well-being and the food’s quality and safety . Reduce the sense of isolation, increase independence and personal safety, improve the flow of traffic’s critical points , encourage the development of local services through a proximity social network